I compare writing to the sound of music. No, not the musical, (they were never my favorite things). But the cadence and timing should flow naturally. To a degree writing should feel as if someone is speaking. But speech can be clumsy, disjointed, or awkward and still be acceptable. Writing should never feel quite as eratic, unless thats the feeling you wish to convey.

When writing ad copy, I strive to be clever. That way when you read it, you’ll want to repeat it. Indulging a rhyme or a pun is not out of the question. And yes, Dr. Seuss is a favorite of mine. I enjoy reading an ad if it’s funny or cute; I may even purchase the product it sells. If a salesman has cleverly worded his pitch, I’m more likely to buy from that son-of-a-gun.

I’m a sucker for word-play, and one liners. Though sometimes you can’t avoid an old saying or a standard turn of phrase, in general I like my metaphors fresh-baked. I hate it when writers use off-the-shelf, run-of-the-mill clichés like they’re going out of style. Seriously though, I try to infuse a little humor in my writing whenever it’s appropriate and when it’s not appropriate I’ll spend the extra time editing it out.

Speaking of editors, I always appreciate constructive criticism from a knowledgable editor, and even non-writers often have valuable critiques. After all, the primary goal of any good piece of writing is to communicate to the targeted audience. If it doesn’t, it might as well be lorem ipsum.


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