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Book Coverillustrated and co-authored with an acupoint massage therapist who supplemented my knowledge of holistic medicine with his expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Candy MontageA 5 foot square portrait of recording artist Eminem made entirely out of nearly 10,000 M&Ms in 18 of the available 21 colors on display in a mega-candy store on Hollywood Blvd.  

Candy MontageA 27" x 40" portrait of Jimmy Kimmel made of Jelly Beans was also commissioned by the candy store for a filming of the show there. The piece was completed in 2 days.

Unstable Worlda 20 sided geometric solid (icosahedron) with a continuous oil-painted landscape on the outside. A viewing portal reveals an optical illusion interior created from parabolic mirrors, reverse  perspective models and many unusual materials. Hidden semi-transparent panels allow outside light into the interior realm.This is the largest piece of a body of work called “Hedrons"

Fabrication Specs for a plastic structureThe piece was first modeled in cardboard, then spec’d out for a plastic fabricator indicating exact dimensions and tolerances

Cigar BandsI submitted 5 designs, the one the client chose will be available in stores soon.

Online Poker—the cards and chips were drawn pixel by pixel.

Bookmarkspromoting an independant film.

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